How can i make this specific relationship?

School has one or many Teachers and Teacher has one or many Subjects I tried use a has many through between these 3 model, but i don’t know how can i add many schools and many subjects in a specific Teacher Here what i tried class Teacher < ApplicationRecord has_many :school_teacher_subjects has_many :schools, through: :school_teacher_subjects… Read More »

Is Java’s KeyGenerator random secure by default?

Following line generate a sha512 secret via jdk’s KeyGenerator. SecretKey secretKey = KeyGenerator.getInstance(“HmacSHA512”).generateKey(); I am wondering is the key random secure? Or, should I init the generator with a SecureRandom instance explicitly, before generate the key?

Django checkbutton for todo

I’m pretty new to Django, so please make it newbie friendly :D. Its about a simple todo-list. I want every item to have three Buttons for deleting, editing or in this case checking. In the following code I wanna create a check-button which sets a boolean value to True. But instand of doing anything the… Read More »

How to hit third party API form node server.

IndiaSMS is a thirdparty providing sms service I want to hit this api form node server. Any way to request to third party api. Please help.. var express = require(‘express’); var router = express.Router(); exports.sendOTP = function (userInfo, callback) { console.log(userInfo); console.log(‘Inside SendOTP usin indaSMS’); var indiasmsURL = ‘’ + userInfo.mobilenumber + ‘&message=Your%20OTP%20for%203DClubHouse%20is%20’ + userInfo.otp… Read More »

Query to retrieve manager before employee

We have list of resources with their managers (not the complete hierarchy). We now need to retrieve the resource list such that resource’s manager row should always appear before the resource row. I already tried hierarchical query, however given the data set, I’m not absolutely sure, if it’s working correctly or not. Any pointers or… Read More »