Can I delete (seemingly redundant) Program Files (x86), or Program Files folder, when running 64 bit win 8.1

By | February 15, 2018

Thanks for the quick response. I’m asking about the “Program Files” 11.1 GB and “Program Files (x86)” 10.4 GB. Maybe my screenshots are now mislabled after this edit.

Like so many others, I want to get rid of unnecessary files. Without overdoing the screenshots, there are about equal size files for x86 and 86. Each a bit over 11Gb. Do I need to keep both folders? If so, why? Does anything in this screenshot standout to the experts, which would cause concern. My Pavilion dv6 runs great, then bogs severely, then may run great again after persisting and trudging through the 20-40 minute “bog”. Otherwise, I shutdown. Later it’s fine…for a while.

Here I was wondering about the 6.5Gb “00000000” file. What is it and do I need to keep it? All constructive comments are welcome, even “take it to a pro!” Please ignore if the pictures don’t show up. First post. Thanks.