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Mapping keys to multiple keys and associated values with python

Here is the following test code: dict1 = {‘k1’: ‘{v1}’, ‘k2′:'{v2}’, ‘k3′:'{v3}’ , ‘k3′:'{v4}’} list1 = [‘k1_1’, ‘k2_2’, ‘k3_3’, ‘k3_4’] newdict = {} for items in list1: val = items.split(‘_’)[0] if val in dict1.keys(): newdict[items] = dict1[val] This yields: {‘k1_1’: ‘{v1}’, ‘k2_2’: ‘{v2}’, ‘k3_3’: ‘{v4}’, ‘k3_4’: ‘{v4}’} What I really want is: {‘k1_1’: ‘{v1}’, ‘k2_2’:… Read More »

How to calculate x number of points on a line?

I am working with drawing polylines on google maps. Given an origin and destination (latitude,longitude) coordinates how can I get ‘x’ number of points on that line? I have tried applying mathematical concepts such as the equation of a line y = mx + c or even (x-x1)/(x1-x2) = (y-y1)/(y1-y2) but these methodologies are not… Read More »

500 error with datatables editor with laravel

I have setup datatables with editor from yajra/laravel-datatables-editor package. I can get it where the datatable comes up and works but when i try to edit a field it does not update and I get a 500 error on the ajax call with this message “Type error: Argument 1 passed to AppDataTablesDioceseDataTablesEditor::editRules() must be an… Read More »

Python API Call: KeyError

I’m working with a python script that performs a web API call to one system (ArchivesSpace), extracts JSON data from it, uses that data to search another system via its API (Archive-It), then extracts the result before pushing it into the original system. When I run the script, it seems to perform the initial API… Read More »

Unique Key on columns from different tables

Is it possible in MySQL create a unique index on two columns from the different table? I have two table – Address (addressID – pk, customerID, code) and Customer (customerID – pk, companyID). PK- primary key. The requirement is a unique pair of code-companyID – unique address code per company. Any suggestion? Can I implement… Read More »

Why my contact recogniser doesn’t work

I made contact recogniser using physics body, category bit mask and SKPhysics contact. Unfortunately it do not work. Could You help me somehow to find mistake? This code do not print statement Touched. Is it because one body is SKSpriteNode and second SKShapeNode? Could we recognise contact between SpriteNode and ShapeNode? import Foundation import SpriteKit… Read More »

Можно ли управлять веб-сайтом через консольное приложение?

Можно ли управлять веб-сайтом через консольное приложение? Например, я хочу удалить кэш или куки, могу ли я это сделать написав пару строчек кода в .NET. Или, как мне, допустим, получить адресную строку и записать ее в переменную или же получить любой DOM элемент. Если это возможно, то прошу не жалейте времени и опишите, хотя бы… Read More »