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How do I find the lady?

you know lumiose press? I went to the terminal cave and searched it over and over again but she isn’t there! is she somewhere else? or have I missed her? plz answer with proof if you can!

Multiple PSN accounts in PS4 dilemma

I have an existing psn account but I want to avail PS+ so I determined the region of my account and it listed uk (r1?). So this is the question, in order to buy cheaper PS+, I can create a PSN account in r3 (hk & sg) but I am worried about my online game… Read More »

Why can’t I fuse moths?

I have two of the same moth but I don’t have the option to fuse them, why? There isn’t anything I can do, and it doesn’t tell me why I can’t fuse them. I’ve tried restarting it but nothing. Please help!

Consistent ST stacking and T-spin

I’ve got tired of playing tetris like a trained money (just filling up the screen until I can’t anymore and then sending combos) so I have it in mind to play by the strategy outlined here. I like the idea, that there’s a purposeful and structured way to place the pieces and that its basically… Read More »

PES 2015 – BAL World Player of the Year

I was wondering if someone can suggest a fast way to become the World Player of the Year quickly. I tried to use Messi (because he wins the award if you skip all the games) with perfect stats, played really each game in the season (friendly-games, national team, league, cup and CL) until the award,… Read More »

Saving a day’s play on Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto 5 refuses to save my game automatically. After each play, on load it reverts to the start. I am not an experianced gamer. Please help as I cannot keep starting from the beginning. Thanks

How long before you can replay a random event?

I recently failed one of the numerous random events in Grand Theft Auto 5. I eventually came back to the area a few days later and was able to replay it. How long does it take for a random event to respond? Does switching characters reduce the wait time?