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Terminal auto complete and arrow keys working incorrectly

I am using Macbook Pro 2017 (with touch bar) with macOS Sierra. When using terminal, the autocomplete adds a character. For example, typing ‘cd Des’ + tab, I am expecting ‘cd Desktop’ autocomplete. Instead, I get Desktop/k At this stage, if I click backspace, the letter ‘k’ always remains. Only able to remove characters before… Read More »

TestFlight Testers

I have recently uploaded an application on TestFlight. I have added internal and external testers using non Apple ID email addresses. I know that these testers can test the build using the redemption code sent via invite email. I have following doubts with TestFlight: Is it possible to install the app using same redemption code… Read More »

No write permissions after copy files from Windows

I have Mac mini (High Sierra 10.13.3) as a server. Server has external HDD formated as Mac OS Extended (Journaled). I’m using a PC (Windows 10, NTFS) for downloading files. When I copy files from my PC to my Mac mini, the Mac mini administrator (me) doesn’t have permissions for read/write and I can’t open… Read More »

How to update macOS and retain installer [on hold]

I have saved two free updates that came with my iMac. I am looking to use one on macOS 10.13, High Sierra, as reading says significant file structure change. To stop endless download failures: How to save OS prior to clearance from temp file? How to make backup copy onto external media (SSD/USB/HD)? Preferable before… Read More »

Logged into Facebook app on two phones

I received a fb msg on phone B but cleared the notification. On phone A log in is only with Internet but notifications are on. I deleted the fb msg on phone B. But will phone A still receive the notification even though I cleared everything quickly?