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How come most animals never seem to evolve over millenia?

People often say, including those with extensive knowledge in biology, that a certain species of animal will evolve in one way or another: 1.From changing environments. 2.Mutations. 3.Possibly even genetic engineering from human animals. My question lies in the fact that, aside from the latter option, why haven’t any differences in animals'(except humans) markup, morphology,… Read More »

What organelles are in an onion cell?

I was wondering what organelles are in an onion cell, because, based on the labs we are doing in my biology class, I only saw a nucleus and cell wall. My friends and brother say there are all the organelles that you would find in a typical plant cell, but I can’t find any evidence… Read More »

Do all E. coli Express OmpC Membrane-Protein?

In a lot of papers I am reading, people are amplifying the OmpC gene (which codes for the OmpC membrane protein), from ‘E. coli’ but they do not specify the strain they used. According to my understanding, this protein helps transport various substances across the membrane, though, it is found in all E. coli strains?… Read More »

Dealing with Repetitive Bases in DNA?

I have been given a project involving a plasmid that contains long stretches of Adenine (60 or 120 bases each). These PolyA stretches are interrupted by the occasional G or C. I understand that performing PCR, cloning, DNA synthesis, mutagenesis, and sequencing on repetitive sequences is difficult. What techniques and practices should I follow to… Read More »

Karyotypes Appearance

Most actual karyotypes online appear as single chromosomes (unreplicated). I was under the impression that a micrograph of the replicated chromosomes was taken during metaphase of mitosis and thus should show up as duplicated sister chromatids instead of single chromatids post anaphase. Are the arms of the chromatids just so close to each other that… Read More »

Inflammation inside of my wounded lip

I have a question. I recently had gotten a cut behind the the top side of my lip . My wound from my accident has a pea sized bump (possibly smaller )which is very noticeable, while on the other hand my wound is white and i sappose healing ..is this bump only tempory? And what… Read More »

Why can Anaphylaxis lead to death?

Why can the immune system kill its host? It is always better to just take up the insect poison, or peanut protein etc. instead to kill the host by preventing the breathing. Is it just a modern symptom or did humans always have to fear death from anaphylaxis after an insect sting?