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How would one go about acquiring the HashofThingtoSign from this old transaction?

How would one go about acquiring the HashofThingToSign that is used in the “Signature Generation” equation for this example transaction such that it could easily also be applied to any other given pre-existing transaction? Example Transaction: 82d62d5f4e69ae8338c39b7ae2e1d33db59bdf62c869ded7344adc936bab8653 Found at: https://blockchain.info/tx/82d62d5f4e69ae8338c39b7ae2e1d33db59bdf62c869ded7344adc936bab8653 This is made of the Raw Transaction: 0100000001b1bbfd7a3103e733b5f28fb1eef07ba683b787bcf4033a16d8791a15152a006c000000006b483045022100d52330113ccd033ccb1aaa3b759e9696c216e802922e5f1902cd5ada69c612e5022057880205319dccb05eebbe34323a852ee82653f09f81253ddccd08a810e9d42d012103e5b9f0bb669b289efb8d2826487a24ef5f3985624c8bc3a3e34f6bd54e080b27feffffff027c8d3700000000001976a91443bd19b0436db26d24c789bebaee9a3b1b73cdd388acc1bbe114000000001976a914aefaa9d79e3c62c3f0cc909a3aee327e6cd0100a88acb2480700 The input script is: 3045022100d52330113ccd033ccb1aaa3b759e9696c216e802922e5f1902cd5ada69c612e5022057880205319dccb05eebbe34323a852ee82653f09f81253ddccd08a810e9d42d01 03e5b9f0bb669b289efb8d2826487a24ef5f3985624c8bc3a3e34f6bd54e080b27 The… Read More »

How to set fee in bitcoinj

Is any possible way to set fee to specific value in bitcoinj wallet? Right now I have something like this and I don’t know when to set fee: Address address = Address.fromBase58(params, destAddress); SendRequest req = SendRequest.to(address, Coin.valueOf(value)); b_wallet.completeTx(req); peers.broadcastTransaction(req.tx);

Is there Some Miner out there? for educational purposes?

I am really interested in crypto mining, I wanna learn everything, from how does the miner interact with the pool, how does it do “hashing”, how does it submit it’s works. I am googling around for some miner (small, prototype, easy to learn), I found pyminer [https://github.com/jgarzik/pyminer] it’s good but it mines solo, I wanna… Read More »

Fetch list of transaction where i have received the bitcoin?

How to find a list of transactions happening with my address especially that transaction which will send bitcoin to my address. I found out one API which will give all the transaction happened with my address but I want only that transaction which will send me bitcoin API: /insight-api/addrs/[:myaddress]/txs?from=0&to=20 Anyone idea, please let me know.

Bitcoin Transfer from Coinbase to Zebpay in India

I have one friend in Canada and i want to buy bitcoin from canada and get in to zebpay wallet in india. I had completed 100 Canadian dollar transition yesterday, but when he was buy 100 Canadian dollar in coinbase account using credit card. Then he had got 96.69 something. and When he was send… Read More »

When the transaction been signed?

I understand that if Bob gets a transaction (BTC) from Alice and want to send it to Charlie he must provide a key which proof that he is the owner of the transaction. But in what stage Bob actually signed the transaction? Can it be that Alice was the one who signed the transaction for… Read More »

NXT / Ardor 1.11.5 stuck on blockchain syncing

My node has been stuck on the following error. It was working fine a week ago. What causes this problem and how can this be fixed? 2017-05-20 15:12:23 INFO: Nxt server 1.11.5 started successfully. 2017-05-20 15:12:23 INFO: Copyright © 2013-2016 The Nxt Core Developers. 2017-05-20 15:12:23 INFO: Copyright © 2016-2017 Jelurida IP B.V. 2017-05-20 15:12:23… Read More »

how I can begin with the bitcon correct? [on hold]

Hello I am new and I know that is question you going remove for bad but I am very new with the bitcon and I would like know how I can become with the bitco , I found this in internet I dont know if this site is the offical of bitcon : bitcon bitcon