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UPDATE Trigger with condition

I’m trying to trigger an update on a specific user in my user table. Basically is someone tries to change that user then I want to rollback whatever query was executed and disable the user(using a SP), but if if is not that user, than proceed with the update commit. This is the code I… Read More »

Increase XIDWraparound limit

My Database is having huge data > 5TB, at some point I am doing vacuuming few tables on daily basis which bit hustle for the server. And I can’t do purging to get some room for new tuples due to some dependencies. Is there anyway to increase the XIDWraparound limit? I have checked in the… Read More »

Convert query in words to relational algebra

I have a follow-up question to a question I have previously asked on SO. Instead of the query from my initial question, I want to convert the following into relational algebra: List the names and phone numbers of the bidders who are not always affected by double-bidding. Note: Double-bidding occurs when two different bidders bid… Read More »