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4-20 mA loop powered ADC with display

I was asked to design a display that is loop powered and sits between the receiver and the transducer. I was wondering what’s the best way to source power from the loop to power my electronics without damaging the receiver and the transducer? There are plenty of those products from manufacturers but is difficult to… Read More »

output frequency of this digital circuit

How can we calculate the output frequency $Y$ of this circuit: Given $rightarrow quad quad $ $F$ : Clock Frequency $M$ : Input $X$ : $32$ bit register My Thoughts: output frequency of $Y$ can be $$frac{MF}{2^{32}}$$ where $M$ is the frequency of input and $F$ is the clock frequencyReason behind my thought: As we… Read More »

what is welding plate?

I was looking at arduino nano boards here. Description says the arduino board is without welding plate. What does it mean for the user? If I buy this product will there be any issue? I understand that this board does not come with two headers soldered and I am OK with that.