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the meaning of “Never mind that… “

I recently read a NY times article and I am not sure why the writer says “Never mind that…”: On Tuesday afternoon, townspeople gathered inside the gymnasium here at Uiseong Girls High School to root for the South Korean women’s curling team, whose match against the United States was shown on a big screen as… Read More »

network radio and television

Does “network radio and television” in the following text mean simply radio and television channels or internet-based radio and television? Context: The vast network of global media, including print media, television, and the internet, is another key component of contemporary globalism. This network cements large US, European, and Japanese corporations’ control of the release and… Read More »

What is the difference between ‘entry’ and ‘entrance’, and ‘admission’ and ‘admittance’?

This is what I have gathered from the dictionary and a few other websites: entry: the act of entering, in a more formal way entrance: the act of entering; a gate/door, etc admittance: permission to enter a place,institution, etc admission: the act of accepting sb into an institution, organisation,etc; the fee paid for entrance But… Read More »