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Show Websites Used Fonts and Colors

Searching for a website (calling it “website a”), where you can type in an URL of an certain page (website b) and then the website a extracts all the used font-styles and colors used in this particular URL (website b). The result looks like a kind of Patternlab. Somebody sent me this link once but… Read More »

Krita brush path

I tried everything I could but I just can’t figure out how to get Krita to apply a pixel brush along a vector path. I have read things that imply it should be possible and it seems obvious but I just can’t figure out how/

Colours in InDesign different in Illustrator

Ive created a logo in Illustrator CC for Print in CMYK colour mode. Ive saved this as a PNG to import into my flyer Im creating in InDesign. The colours appear different…. The logo in Illustrator has a green that is alot duller than the same green (in CMYK values) in InDesign. Will they print… Read More »

How to decrease the size of my svg file

Attached is an image, new.jpg, I have created in Illustrator and then converted it into SVG as required in the project. I have also used 2 compression tools which have decreased the size to 3.8 kb from 5.8 kb originally. My question is that is there a way to decrease the file size any further… Read More »