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Description of 7 bhumikas of Patañjala Yoga Sutras

In Patañjala Yoga Sutras II.27, there is stated that tasya saptadhā prānta-bhūmiḥ prajña In his case the highest stage of Enlightenment is reached by seven stages. So my question is, which are those 7 bhumikas? In which scriptures they are good explained? some translation say II.27 as One’s wisdom in the final stage is sevenfold.… Read More »

does any scripture say valmiki’s ramayana is the most authoritative?

wikipedia says https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Versions_of_Ramayana “Ananda Ramayana is traditionally attributed to Valmiki. While it briefly recounts the traditional story of Rama, it is composed primarily of stories peripheral, though related, to Valmiki’s narrative. This ramayana provide information about last years of Rama’s life. These include Ravana’s abduction of Sita and Rama’s installment of the Shiva Lingam at… Read More »

What reasoning does Chinna Jeeyar offer when he says Rama never worshiped Shiva in Ramayana? [on hold]

Here’s what Chinna Jeeyar says: Sri Rama never worshiped Lord Shiva, according to Sri Ramayanam. He did not consecrate Rameswaram. This is a made up story. Anything related to Sri Rama, will be accepted if Valmiki Ramayana mentions that. Our own Tezz has given a citation – not even using the Rameshwaram reference: वैश्वदेवबलिम् कृत्वा… Read More »

Lord Shiva as Hatkeshwara in Hinduism scriptures?

Shreemad Bhagvat Purana is mentioning one form of Lord Shiva as master of gold mines i.e. Bhagvan Hatkeshwara. ततोऽधस्ताद्वितले हरो भगवान्हाटकेश्वरः स्वपार्षदभूतगणावृतः ।। SB 5.24.17 ।। tato ‘dhastād vitale haro bhagavān hāṭakeśvaraḥ sva-pārṣada-bhūta-gaṇāvṛtaḥ The next planet below Atala is Vitala, wherein Lord Siva, who is known as the master of gold mines, lives with his… Read More »