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40A Cooktop on 30A breakers

Our Whirlpool GJC3034R Cooktop needs to be replaced so while doing the research I realized that it is rated 40A (here is the excerpt from the manual): A 4-wire or 3-wire, single phase, 240 volt, 60 Hz., AC only electrical supply is required on a separate, 40-amp circuit, fused on both sides of the line.… Read More »

Leak with Drywall and Wood Framing

I’ve got, potentially, a silly question. We’re having some work done in our basement, including the addition of a bathroom. The guys working here were working on the main to install the up-flush system when one of the workers forgot and used the toilet and sink pouring all of that waste all over the other… Read More »

Cleaning tools of cured joint compount

I had been using pre-mixed joint compound, but I ran out just before I was finished, and my neighbor (who had just re-done his basement) gave me some Sheetrock Easy Sand 90 Joint Compound, and his drill bit /paint stirrer so I could mix small batches. Unfortunately, I missed cleaning the paint stirrer when doing… Read More »

How do I pick a good paint brush?

I know: Natural bristle brushes should not be used with water base paints. Synthetic bristles can be used with either. A slanted end is easier for cutting in. You want to avoid brushes that shed bristles. A good brush has tapered ends on bristles. Other than that, what makes the difference between a 3 buck… Read More »

Kitchen Ceiling leaks from shower

Our kitchen ceiling has a leak. We have narrowed it down to it coming from the master bathroom shower. If one person takes a shower, it’s fine. If a second person showers shortly after or even a couple hours later, we get water leaking from the ceiling in the kitchen. Not a whole lot, but… Read More »