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Using ELO Ratings with Scoring Differential in R

I’ve been playing around with the EloRating package to generate ELO Ratings for basketball teams. The only issue is that this package (to my knowledge) only uses whether a team wins or loses (I understand this is standard). I know ESPN uses point differential to weight the change in a team’s ELO score. Does anyone… Read More »

Markov chain – transition matrix – expected value

Let $;M=begin{pmatrix} 0.25 & 0.5 & 0.25\ 0.5 & 0.25 & 0.25\ 0.5 & 0.25 & 0.25 end{pmatrix};$ be the transition matrix of a markov chain with states $S=left{0,1,2right}$. Calculate the expected value for the amount till state $1$ is reached, if we start from state $2$. I’ve created this task myself and I hope… Read More »