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Read Sensor Data and POST to Web Server?

So i’ve been wanting to do an API sort of project with an embedded portion. Since raspberry pi zero’s w’s are so crazy cheap I wanted to use them instead of something like an arduino (Which usually doesn’t have Wi-Fi built in). My plan is, to attach a sensor (lets say Temperature right now) and… Read More »

CAN On Raspberry PI

I need some help with Can4Python/SocketCAN with Raspberry Pi. Currently, I am using PiCAN2 (http://copperhilltech.com/pican2-controller-area-network-can-interface-for-raspberry-pi/). What I want to do is upon receiving a particular signal from transmitter, I would like to turn on/off LED (ON for signal value x and OFF for signal value y) connected to GPIO of Raspberry. Currently, I am able… Read More »

Cannot connect to Pi VNC server configured with proxy

VNC Viewer cannot connect to a Pi 2 configured with a proxy address. I’ve modified /etc/environment to add my college’s proxy so that I can access the Internet after connecting to my college’s ethernet connection. export http_proxy=”” After this, whenever I try connecting to the Pi via VNC Viewer, I get an error, though I… Read More »

Raspberry Pi 3 Alexa error: Unable to load library ‘vlc’

I tried to install Alexa Voice Service on my Raspberry Pi 3 by following these instructions:https://github.com/alexa/alexa-avs-sample-app/wiki/Raspberry-Pi. On step seven (terminal window 2) when I run the command: cd javaclient && mvn exec:exec I get the error The error was “Unable to load library ‘vlc’: Native library followed by a huge path. I also tried running… Read More »

Post Stretch Update Samba is not accessible

I updated raspbian to the latest stretch release recently. However, now I find that I cannot access the Samba share on the USB connected to the Pi from my Windows 10 laptops. I no more see the Pi hostname in the network or searching for ‘mypihostname’ fails. It was working fine till the update. Can… Read More »

Eclipse for C++

How do I install Eclipse for C++? I do not do Java, so I am just guessing the canned version in Raspian is Eclipse for Java since there is no C++ sample code. I do not want to uninstall this Java version until I can get the most current version Eclipse for C++ working. This… Read More »

Kivy won’t listen to “fulllscreen” setting

Working on a Raspberry Pi Model 3 B, running raspbian. Running Kivy v1.9.2-dev0 and Python v2.7.3 Trying out one of the Kivy examples but for some reason the application won’t come up in “Windowed mode”. Therefore the application comes out in a ‘stretched’ appearance. The code being executed: from kivy.config import Config # seems to… Read More »

GPIO is not defined – RPLCD module

Trying to get a 16×2 LCD working with the RPLCD module. Trying to recreate the first example in the documentation. (https://media.readthedocs.org/pdf/rplcd/latest/rplcd.pdf) from RPLCD.gpio import CharLCD lcd = CharLCD(cols=16, rows=2, pin_rs=37, pin_e=35, pins_data=[40, 38, 36, 32, 33, 31, 29, 23],numbering_mode=GPIO.BCM) lcd.write_string(u’Hello world!’) When I try to run this I get an error: lcd = CharLCD(cols=16, rows=2,… Read More »