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SAP HANA – Some services not started

SAP HANA was configured correct and SAP HANA Studio was connected to SAP HANA. From one day to another SAP HANA is not reachable in the SAP HANA Studio. The operational state is “Some services not started” How to fix this? (I have an systems operation account on the HANA server)

Disable user_deny.db in Cyrus/imapd

We have a cyrus 2.4.12 on Debian, we use packages, rather than building each software ourselves. I am getting the this “log” constantly, a lot of, various users, and 8-10 times per user request: fetching user_deny.db entry for ‘user123’ I have searched for it, but haven’t found a real solution, there were some patches for… Read More »

run ubuntu img from console in qemu

I created vdi img first $sudo qemu-img create -f vdi ubuntu-server.vdi 10G and installed ubuntu server $sudo qemu-system-x86_64 -m 4G -hda ubuntu-server.vdi -cdrom ubuntu-16.04.3-server-amd64.iso -boot d However, I want to run this ubuntu img without gui.(only console) I searched about this, but usually people boot kernel img (-kernel bzimage) with append option(console=ttyS0). This option is… Read More »

Howto use a docker/swarm secret value as an environment variable in “docker service create”?

I need to write scripts that create services on docker swarm clusters. An example script would be simiar to this: docker service create –name postgres –mode global –constraint “node.labels.postgres==master” –network my-network –env POSTGRES_USER=”postgres” –env POSTGRES_PASSWORD=”****” postgres:10 The POSTGRES_USER and POSTGRES_PASSWORD environment variables should come from docker secrets. For example: echo “example_password” | docker secret create… Read More »

Server RAM Ranks

I would like to equip my ProLiant DL380 Gen9 (2xE5-2680 v4) with more RAM. My plan was to have a total of 768GB (24x32GB R4). According to HP configurator, however, the clock rate drops to 1600 mhz instead of 2400. Is that because of the R4 ranks? Or is the CPU or server not able… Read More »