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how to add total sum for the row in sharepoint

I see option to calculate total of the columns but not row.. I don’t have access to sharepoint designer well.. is there anyway to do it through front-end.. Ex: 50 50 = 100 (I know this is possible) 50 34 34 —— 168 (not able to do this)

custom Sharepoint search using jquery?

I want to implement search functionality depending on the column. Suppose I have a column name “Country” then on the basis of the country column different countries are available in drop-down and click on one country will filter the SharePoint list. But the major issue is that I have 100 columns and when user type… Read More »

getting web using its url in CSOM

I am trying to get a web using full url using CSOM This one works, var web = context.Web; context.Load(web, w => w.Webs); context.ExecuteQuery(); var subWeb = (from w in web.Webs where w.Title.Contains(accountId) select w).SingleOrDefault(); if (subWeb == null) return false; subSite = subWeb; // this subweb works for renaming the title return true; But… Read More »