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One Single Table or Two Smaller Tables

We currently have a Users table in the database, this has quite a few columns in it. Around 50% of the columns are barely used in the system (only on one or two pages). We’ve been discussing amongst ourselves whether to split this table into two tables e.g. Users and UserSettings. Our thinking is also… Read More »

Dependency injection for tightly coupled components

I am writing the class AssetParser (which unsurprisingly parses assets). It is to use objects of classes NamespacesParser and TransformersParser which parse some parts of the objects parsed by AssetParser. My question: Should I use dependency injection to create objects of NamespacesParser and TransformersParser classes? The parts of the parser are tightly coupled to the… Read More »

OOP Design Choices in a Web App

I am about to start coding for a school project that requires me to demonstrate good OO practices in a web app. Now, I have built a few web apps and have never felt the need to define my own classes and utilize objects (outside of classes provided by frameworks and modules) so I was… Read More »

How to create multiple converter

I’m creating a software that’s supposed to accept a certain form of data and does something to the data. We decided to create a small dependency beforehand which will be used to make the development of the software smoother. We’re planning to accept support for json, csv, yaml, and sql files/url’s(consuming rest) and convert them… Read More »

Is XACML actually used and implemented?

I have been working for quite a lot of time on a research project at University focused on Access Control. More specifically, I am studying how to protect unauthorized access to personal data in a distributed system and in general in the Internet. In this context, I stumbled on the XACML (wiki, official spec) specification,… Read More »