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Integrable Business Intelligence

Could you please recommend me a highly customizable and integrable BI solution? I would like to integrate it with an existing website and parametrized dashboards and analytical reports. I suppose the solution should work like a BI server, where I can send data to the system, let it work out on its own and display… Read More »

Commercially supported alternatives to Microsoft Exchange

I’m looking for a fully collaborative alternative to Microsoft Exchange that will allow for Outlook functionality (shared Calendars, Contacts, Note, Public Folders) and mobile device active sync style connectivity. I just finished a failed MailEnable migration attempt. So, that one is out. I realize that this probably means going with Linux (which I’m comfortable with),… Read More »

Background playback YouTube app for iOS

I’d like an YouTube app for my iPad with the capacity for background playback (i.e., music keeps playing even when I switch to a different app or turn off the screen). Features I want: Background playback Free with minimal ads, or one-time purchase to remove ads. Here I’m referring to the ads added by the… Read More »

Display city along with caller ID

On the iPhone the city is displayed if the phone number is not in your contact list. Is there a way to do this same thing on the Android? https://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1322106&page=2 City Caller ID says there is patent on this technology. This app may be a duplicate.

Setting up Linux for a touch-screen laptop

What combination of distro, themes, extenstions, etc. can I use to get the best experience out of a touch-screen laptop? I would be installing Linux on a Dell Inspiron i3147 (11.6″, 1366 x 768, touchscreen clamshell laptop). I’m looking for a Linux setup that1: supports multitouch (obviously) is touch-friendly (bigger buttons or edge gestures and… Read More »