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Searching for Email Filtering System against Cryptolocker

I am looking for a server based email filtering system against Cryptolocker. I read about it a while ago but unfortunately forgot the name of the application/buisness. Maybe one of you knows the name or where you could look for it. I remember that virtual machines were used to filter cryptolocker from emails. The application… Read More »

What type of dumb terminal?

Question: What type of dumb terminals should I get for a 100 user environment? Or is a dumb terminal not cut out for the following requirements? User software requirements: Internet access Microsoft Office Microsoft SharePoint Microsoft Dynamics Adobe Photoshop Visual Studio I.T. requirements Central management of all users Central management of all software installations and… Read More »

Using pip behind a PAC proxy

The proxy at my workplace is specified in a PAC file which is applied to browsers, but not the command prompt/PowerShell. This means I can’t use pip, virtualenv or Python libraries that need web access like requests. I’ve tried running pip with the pip install package –proxy=username:password@address:port, where username:password are my credentials and where address:port… Read More »

Disable F11 (fullscreen) in XFCE Terminal

This is a lot like disable F1 on xfce terminal. But: I want to disable F11, not F1. Disabling F1 is in the preferences UI (which works), but F11 is not there. I’ve tried everything mentioned at that question (accels.scm, terminalrc), it does not work, F11 still toggles full-screen. I’ve got xfce4-terminal version I… Read More »

Alert unknown ca

This is my stunnel conf: » cat dev_https pid = cert = stunnel.pem foreground = yes debug = 5 verify = 0 [https] accept=44110 connect=44111 I am using a self generated certificate, for development. I am explicitely saying verify = 0 But stunnel still insists in verifying the certificate authority: SSL_accept: 14094418: error:14094418:SSL routines:ssl3_read_bytes:tlsv1 alert… Read More »

Fuzzy lookup outup

Recently, I discovered this neat add-in Fuzzy lookup but I am struggling with the output it produces. F.e. if I want to lookup numbers (which I only do actually), the numbers which the tool looks up have a specific General format which cannot be changed nor formatted. The numbers do not sum up correctly. Is… Read More »

GPOs not applying to Windows 10 since Update

i’ve got a strange problem: i’ve got a Windows 2008 Domain with several clients (XP, 7, Server 2008, 10). Since i’ve updated some of the Windows 10 clients to version 1709 (Fall Creators Update) the most of the GPOs aren’t applied to the clients anymore (no matter where they are linked). On any other client… Read More »