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Brace and de-centered array with [t]

I did not find an answer to my problem, which is quite easy : I want to put a brace on the left of an array that I had “de-centered” with the option [t] (see the following code). The thing is that the brace goes up without reason that I can understand. Can anybody help… Read More »

Footnote inside section head: Error when using titlesec and footnotebackref packages

The following MWE documentclass{article} usepackage{titlesec} usepackage{footnotebackref} begin{document} section{Whateverprotectfootnote{Problematic footnote}} end{document} gives an error if both the titlesec and footnotebackref packages are loaded (while it works as expected if any of them is removed). I tried using footnotemark and footnotetext, to no avail. Any idea on what might be going on and how to fix it?… Read More »

How to reformat “eds” postfix with biblatex-philosophy?

I am trying to match a bibliography style with biblatex-philosophy. The format I need for a multi-editor work is as follows: By default, biblatex-philosophy with the philosophy-modern outputs this: The code being as follows: documentclass[11pt, parskip=false]{scrartcl} % Bibliography preamble usepackage[giveninits=true,style=philosophy-modern, yearleft=true]{biblatex} addbibresource{testbib.bib} DeclareFieldFormat[online]{title}{#1} renewcommand{postsep}{% Add comma to end of author section addcomma nullparnobreakvskippostnamesep% hskip-bibhangignorespaces} begin{document}… Read More »

Flow Chart – Arrow

i am now creating a flow chart like the one below. But, i have no idea how to adjust the whole chart in the middle of the page. (not on the top of the page) Also,any ideas on how to create the middle arrow like the graph below and how to add the wordings below… Read More »

TOC: Overlapping point and text [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: Overlapping numbers and titles in toc 1 answer I generate a the table of contents with latex, but at one position it looks like on this image: The “point” and the text are overlapping. Can this somehow be avoided? Thank you

Text items inside longtable are not vertically aligned

My question might be similar with this items list inside table cell are not well aligned, but the solution was not fit in my case. with this code: documentclass[a4paper, 11pt]{article} usepackage[margin=2cm]{geometry} % changes the margin usepackage{enumitem} usepackage{amssymb} usepackage{titlesec} usepackage{indentfirst} usepackage{longtable} usepackage{blindtext} %% Create a very compact enumerated list environment newlist{myenum}{enumerate}{1} setlist[myenum]{label=arabic*., nosep, wide, leftmargin=*, %… Read More »

Using tcolorbox for a sidebar

I’m trying to re-write a sidebar environment I have that is based on wrapfigure and such into something based on tcolorbox. However, I’ve run into a couple of issues. For reference, here is my old environment: makeatletter newenvironment*{sidebar}[3][0.5textwidth] { % less vertical margin around wrapfigures setlength{intextsep}{0pt} colorlet{savedcolor}{inline code} colorlet{inline code}{inline code inverted} renewcommand{dummy}{#1} wrapfigure{#2}{#1} renewcommand{@currentlabel}{#3}… Read More »

MikTeX trouble with bibtex inside the standard Docker environment

I experience weird bibtex behaviour, I think it does not run properly. Symptoms: No file main.aux. No file main.bbl. LaTeX Warning: Citation ‘key’ on page 1 undefined on input line 17. Consider this minimal working example from an accepted answer. documentclass{article} usepackage[style=authoryear-comp]{biblatex} addbibresource{jobname.bib} usepackage{filecontents} begin{filecontents}{jobname.bib} @book{key, author = {Author, A.}, year = {2001}, title =… Read More »