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Travel within Schengen in a rental car

I am a non-EU resident and I have a Schengen visa. I want to start from Budapest (rental car), cross Slovenia into Italy, from there to Switzerland and then off to Paris and back to Hungary via Germany and Austria. How about third-party insurance, stringent traffic rules? Can I use toll-free roads? Is a vignette… Read More »

Kenyan citizen travelling to Sweden

I am preparing to travel to Sweden for missionary work with our church. I am a single mom of a one-year-old child and am also self employed. My business is fairly new, having started in September of last year and I also have a partner. Can I get a bank statement as soon as some… Read More »

Not all tolls can be paid with cash?

I’ll be traveling with a rental car from Virginia to New Hampshire, what do I do if I only want to pay with cash? I been informed that some tolls for example in NY don’t accept cash, what’s the solution to this question?